Reception - Dinosaur Day - 20/04/2021

Reception - Dinosaur Day


Dosbarth Coch, Dosbarth Gwyrdd and Dosbarth Glas have had a ‘ROARSOME TIME’ this week with Dinosaur Day! The pupils across the three reception classes have discussed the things they would like to learn about over the next few weeks and one of common themes was DINOSAURS!
We started off the topic with a fun and dynamic, Dinosaur Day!  The pupils looked fantastic dressed up as dinosaurs, palaeontologists or in coloured clothing to represent a dinosaur of their choice. When the pupils arrived in their classrooms they discovered HUGE footprints on the classroom floor. This created a discussion about what they were, who had been in the classroom and why.
The children realised that part of the class was sectioned off and a dinosaur egg had been left in amongst a nest of twigs and branches.  The children continued to use their oracy skills to come up with questions about the egg such as what was inside it?  How did it get there?  Who did it belong to?
Throughout the day the pupils took part in a wide variety of dinosaur themed activities including, Dinosaur mask making-pupils choose a dinosaur of their choice and used different materials to make their masks.
It was sooooo ‘ EGG-CITING’  for the children to design their own eggs using the pointillism… technique, they produced some beautiful  and colourful eggs and patterns.
The children also used non-standard units of measurements to make salt dough and create dinosaur fossils using plastic dinosaur footprints and different parts of the dinosaur’s body. Dinosaurs may be dangerous but the children LOVE them!