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Home Learning

Foundation Phase (Classroom Codes)

Class Teacher: Mrs Crew

Class Join Code: 7g6ftgf

Class Teacher: Mrs Bow

Class Join Code:

Class Teacher: Mrs Jones

Class Join Code: xbp26fa

Class Teacher: Mrs Hughes

Class Join Code: fttnrka

Class Teacher: Mrs Davies

Class Join Code: dkca5ct

Class Teacher: Mrs Burgess / Mrs Smith

Class Join Code: em5r7nd

Class Teacher: Ms Davies

Class Join Code: 3u3e3xu

Class Teacher: Mrs Sutton

Class Join Code: tjhwcoe

Class Teacher: Miss Wilson

Class Join Code: rrclief

Key Stage 2 (Classroom Codes)

Class Teacher: Miss Cunningham

Class Join Code: mrorot2

Class Teacher: Mrs Price

Class Join Code: dhdqnpx

Class Teacher: Mr Phillips

Class Join Code: lz5ak4s

Class Teacher: Mr Booth

Class Join Code: y44gzwi

Class Teacher: Misss Saunders

Class Join Code: 2bcxxec

Class Teacher: Miss Calder-Matthews

Class Join Code: jwfqzum

Class Teacher: Miss Williams

Class Join Code: cf6fhz7

Class Teacher: Mrs Hall

Class Join Code: 44fad3j

Curriculum (Classroom Codes)

Class Teacher: Mrs Westwood

Class Join Code: 3oltph7

Class Teacher: Mrs White

Join Code: gnld2tn

Class Teacher: Mrs Cox

Join Code: x33n2q3

Class Teacher: Mr West

Join Code: vu34nlp

Teachers will be delivering tasks using Google Classroom via HWB, which will allow work to be submitted electronically.  To find out how to access Google Classroom, please view the video tutorial on this page.
If you are unsure of your childs ‘classroom join code’, please contact the school using the technical help form below.
Work will also be delivered via the Mathletics and Giglets platforms.

If you have any questions or

technical / log in issues, click here

Here you will find a list of resources to help support your children. Please check back periodically- new content will be added to the top of the list. 

Click here to access a selection of

useful resources and websites

Blended Learning – What it Means for Your Child

Our Distance Learning Strategy

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Google Classroom

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log in page for Mathletics

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log in page for Giglets

Before beginning any of the tasks, please view this Helpful Information

Here are some additional instructions to help you get connected to Google Classroom: Click Here

Using Xbox or PlayStation to access HWB

Cricket Wales – Online Activities

Torfaen Play – Online Activities