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The Head Teacher and staff are pleased to present you with this handbook which contains information about the Nursery. This will be useful to you during your child’s time in the Nursery so please keep the book handy for future reference:
Parent Information Pack for starting Nursery

The following information about Nursery may be helpful. Upcoming or daily events are communicated via Schoop (our school messaging platform), newsletters, and our school website. Our Twitter page @bhvcprimary shows how much work we have done in Nursery each week!
Spring Term
The children were eager to return to Nursery to talk to their friends and teachers about Christmas. This term we have welcomed some new children to the afternoon class and all the staff are really proud and impressed at how they have settled into our Nursery. The older children have been helping the new children to learn the routines and find things around the classroom.
As we have needed to wrap up this term, when going outside, all the children have tried so hard to independently dress themselves. We are so proud of the efforts.
This links on to talking about the topic as it is called Winter.
This is certainly something the children are experiencing at the moment and using all their senses to explore this season. Winter can seem like a magical season, especially when nature is covered in frost. 
We will be exploring the school grounds to look for signs of Winter, with lots of activities following on from this. 
One of the exciting activities will be when we investigate ice. We will explore how to melt ice, paint with ice, use our senses to talk about ice as well as free exploration of ice in the water.
Plenty of maths and literacy will be developed when we discuss snowmen. Counting buttons, measurement of stick arms, sequencing building a snowman and listening/responding to snowmen stories.
Learning about the North and South pole including the animals that live there will lots of fun. Plenty of art and craft work, as well as small world and construction will be explore to help the children develop their knowledge.
Finally we will be introducing climate change and exploring how the children can help and teach others to help slow down the ice melting due to the Earth warming up.
As a Christian faith school, the children will also learn about the Christian value of Compassion to the children. They will learn to be kind and helpful to others, how feeding the birds in winter shows compassion, as well as stories from the Bible which support this value. These include The good Samaritan, Jesus feeds the 5,000, Kindness at the well and The story of the compassionate father.


Autumn Term
All the Nursery staff are so proud and impressed at how confident and brave the children have been settling into Nursery.
They have said goodbye to their families at the door, with a smile, kiss and a wave and straight away been ready to join in the day’s activities. They have started to make friends and show their personalities to staff as well as enjoying chatting to staff. Many are keen to show how independent they are with dressing and how kind they can be to each other.
The children have been showing us what they can do and also what they need some help to do. We are busy gathering all this information together to create a baseline on each child, and find out the next steps, to support all children develop their knowledge and skills through a fun and meaningful topic.
This term our topic is called My Wonderful World.
We will be talking about the children’s world – their home, family, friends, what they can see around them, the weather and the changing seasons. Autumn time is a very beautiful season with plenty of colour and changes happening within Nature.
We will talk about the similarities and differences between the children’s worlds even though they live in the same area. We will be discussing the beauty in Nature, just outside their doorstep and how we can help to keep our World healthy and clean.
As a Christian faith school, the children will also learn about the Christian faith including Harvest festival, and how it is celebrated. We will introduce the Value of Respect to the children. They will learn to respect each other, the classroom equipment and their environment.
We are continuing to foster a love of reading through a range of stories and information books this term. We will be talking about what happens in the beginning, middle and ending of the stories along with retelling those using puppets and props.
Don’t forget to use our Nursery library to share some great stories with your child and help them love books.
The children will continue to recognise and write their own names using the school’s letter formation. Please encourage your child to write their name and hold their pens/pencils correctly in whichever hand they feel comfortable.
Please continue to have a variety of different mark making tools for your child to use at home (paint, chalk, crayons, thick pens, thin pens etc) to support their learning.
The children are joining in with all the number rhymes and songs, which is helping them to count forwards and backwards. It is also introducing them to simple addition and subtraction. During the term we will be using maths vocabulary of measuring (short, tall, long,), as well as recognising numbers to match with the same amounts.
Our daily days of the week song is helping children gain an understanding of time and sequencing events during the day and week.
Please support your child’s development of counting, recognising numbers and shapes while you are out and about, as well as in the home
Other Information
SNACK-TIME: Snack costs £2.00 each week. Can parents please try to bring the money in each Monday.
Don’t forget to label any drink bottles your child brings into Nursery and that the drink is water or sugar free squash. Milk is available daily for all children.
CLOTHES: Please can parents remember to provide a complete change of clothes for their child. This needs to be in a carrier or drawn string bag on their peg.
Just a reminder to check that your child’s clothes are clearly labelled, with their names, to ensure there is no confusion over items, especially jumpers and cardigans. All the Nursery staff feel that the poem below explains our role and how we view our job.

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