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Vision & Aims

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Vision & Aims

Vision & Aims

At BHVC Primary School we:

B elieve that all our learners can be creative, confident individuals who take responsibility for their actions in a safe, stimulating Christian Environment.

L ay the foundations for happy and fulfilling lives with healthy minds and bodies.

A cknowledge and meet the needs of all our learners, promoting a positive self-image and high aspirations.

E stablish a safe, challenging learning community to develop a strong sense of belonging.

N ourish the minds of all our learners through the delivery of an enriched and enhanced skills based and values curriculum.

A ctively foster the moral and spiritual wellbeing of every learner, developing understanding and mutual respect.

V alue our community and rich heritage  to develop an awareness of our position in the wider world.

O ffer opportunities for learners to express themselves creatively and take risks.

N urture and develop a love of God, one another and themselves.

These aims are embodied into a curriculum that is:

R eflective

A spirational

I nclusive

N urturing

B road

O riginal

W onderful

Which in turn gives every child the:

D esire to

R each

E very

A im and the

M otivation to

S ucceed