Nursery - Red Nose Day - 16 & 19/03/2021

Nursery - Red Nose Day

16 & 19/03/2021

Both children and staff dressed up in red today to celebrate and raise money for Comic Relief. We started the day off with a photoshoot and then the fun began. There was lots of fun and laughter on this special day which was appropriate to the theme of the charity.
The favourite activity was making an edible red nose using red icing, sprinkles and a biscuit. The children couldn’t resist licking their fingers after making their nose and were really patient waiting until they could eat it !!
Everyone drew a picture of themselves using red felts and gave themselves a red nose. We had a treasure hunt looking for red items around the class and even did this at lunchtime – finding a few children with a red babybel in their lunchbox.
The children were generous in bringing in money, and we all looked at photos sent to us from Comic Relief to see how the money helps other children. We had been talking about Africa and so it was a great link to learn about children there and how their day is so much different to children in Wales.
There were so many interesting questions the children asked showing they were engaged in the task and the day was really successful for us and for this great cause.