Community Litter Pick - 15/04/2021

Community Litter Pick


On Wednesday 14th April, we went litter picking around the Elgam Green Area, and collected 4 bags full of rubbish.  
Before we started we put our green hi-vis jackets on and got our litter pickers and also wore boots so that we wouldn’t get stung.  We had to wear our coats because it looked as if it was going to rain as the sky was turning dark.
While we were on our walk we noticed that a lot of rubbish had been thrown over the fence into the brambles, so we couldn’t collect some of the rubbish because it was too dangerous to get to.  However, we were able to reach over the fence at a safer part and collected rubbish from that area instead.  Most of the items we found were general things such as cans, water bottles, milkshakes and glass bottles.  Further on our walk, we found some of the rubbish from peoples’ gardens that they had thrown over their fences.
Once we finished our litter pick and collected our bags together we sent a photo to Cllr. Alan Jones so that he could see the work we had done within our community.   We have now become Torfaen Champion Litter Pickers!
Our goal for next time is to collect at least 2 bags each, since we already achieved our goal of 1 bag each last time, and we are also planning to climb into the forest part and collect the litter that people leave down there.