Children In Need - 15th November 2019

Children In Need

15th November 2019

Today, the whole school got dressed up in Pudsey onesies and other fun clothes to raise money for Children In Need. In the morning we started things off by taking part in The Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks, which got everyone moving and was a lot of fun!
After that, all of the classes took turns to visit the bring and buy sale, which was set up in the Dance Studio. We took lots of photos of people buying things such as toys, books and cakes.  Other people in the school had made Children In Need and Pudsey posters and they got put up on the walls and windows in the sale and all around the school.
The whole school helped to raise money to give to charity. We all had to bring £1 to take part in dressing up in Pudsey clothes. Throughout the week we have also been buying wristbands, badges and keychains, which all sold out very quickly, and we also sold raffle tickets.
The final total raised by our school at the end of the day was £1,170, which was fantastic! It was a really fun day and we enjoyed getting dressed up and taking part, and next year we hope to raise even more money for Children In Need.
by Shania & Ffion