Children's Rights Event - 20/11/2019

Children's Rights Event


Today we went to Mercure Hotel in Cardiff to celebrate 30 years of Children’s Rights with Mrs Roberts and Mrs Westwood.  We listened to a speech about Children’s Rights by Mark Drakeford, The First Minister for Wales, and how pupil voice is very important.
In preparation for the event, we produced a video in school to raise awareness of what it’s like living with diabetes. It highlighted the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and included many facts and statistics which we had researched. Throughout the day it was shown on several television screens for everyone to see. We were very proud of ourselves, and it was great to see so many people watching and talking about our project!
We went around the exhibition and met lots of interesting people who gave us loads of amazing goodies. There was a photo booth which we had fun putting hats on and having our photographs taken.
We got to do a session with a famous beatboxer, we were early for the workshop so we sat with him and had a few minutes learning how to make some of the sounds. He gave us lots of valuable advice and  told us we could achieve anything with practice.
We had a big buffet for dinner, which was delicious. After that we each had a piece of birthday cake out of the big cake that said ‘30’ on it- that was really tasty too!
We managed to have a nice picture with Mark Drakeford and we enjoyed our time at the event. We then drove back to school and went home, after an exciting and interesting day.