Broad Street Now & Then - 29th January 2020

Broad Street Now & Then

29th January 2020

Today the Little Voices Team went to meet with our intergenerational group at the Workmen’s Hall.  We walked from school down to the hall, paying attention to all of the shops in Broad Street. We noticed that there were a variety of shops selling different things, such as cheese, cards, flowers and model railway accessories.   We also noticed that some of the shops were closed or only open on certain days and times.
When we arrived at the Workmen’s Hall we set up tables, chairs, food and refreshments, ready for our guests.   Shortly afterwards, residents from the Arthur Jenkins Care Home arrived. We all sat down, ate some biscuits and had some drinks with them.
We all introduced ourselves, and said where we were from and how old we were. We discovered that the oldest person was 102 years old, and the youngest was 8 years old!  We found out a lot of information about what the town was like when they were our age, and how things have changed over the years.
We then helped the residents fill out a survey to find out how much they knew about Broad Street, and how they feel about their life today.  We also discussed whether they felt they had good communication skills and what they would like to gain from the project. 
It was a very interesting day, and we are all looking forward to learning more about Broad Street and what life was like many years ago.
by Maya & Madison