PlayMaker Award - 13th November 2019

PlayMaker Award

13th November 2019

Today, pupils from Key Stage 2 took part in the PlayMaker Award. The aim of the award is to teach us valuable leadership skills through physical activity, so that we are then able to plan our own sports activities with our peers and some of the other year groups in our school.
We went to the sports hall and met Mr. Guy, who is a Sports Development Officer for Torfaen County Borough Council. He started by showing us a slideshow which explained what the course was about, and what we were going to be doing. We were then given a leadership journal, which we used to write our ideas and plan our activities throughout the day.
Firstly, we discussed what a good leader should be, such as being organised, good at communicating with others, making decisions and working as a team. We also learned about 4 areas of leadership, which is known as PACE –  Participants, Area, Communication and Equipment. Through this we learnt that a leader should help others, treat people equally, involve everyone in the activities and be a good role model.  We then took part in lots of different activities, Chain Tag, Cat and Mouse and Follow the Leader, where we had to follow the person who was leading at the front and would copy their instructions.
At the end of the course we had to split off into groups and use the knowledge and skills that we had learned to plan and lead our own activity.  We were all quite nervous when we had to speak to our individual groups, but as we went through it we started to gain more confidence as we communicated with our team members.
The whole day was fun a great experience. We now hope to develop our leadership skills further by running our own sessions in our school in the future.
by Olivia, Kayla, Theo & Ralphie