Year 6 Rock UK Trip / 10th -12th July 2019

Year 6 Rock UK Trip
10th - 12th July 2019

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DAY 1We were all very excited getting on the bus, and began telling each other jokes and playing games- we were all so loud!  Mr Booth brought his minion Bob on the trip, and he was dancing along to us singing songs- we all laughed!  When we arrived at Rock UK we were all excited getting off the bus, as we could see lots of staff waiting to greet us. We met an instructor called DJ, and he took us to our meeting room.  We played outside for a while, before getting called for our first activity!
We were split into two groups; one went gorge walking and another went to take part in archery and caving. We were not ready for gorge walking as we had no idea that we were about to get soaked!  We went on a long drive to where we had to meet, and jumped into deep cold water which made us all shiver.  Our group were called Rainbow Pigs. We all enjoyed sliding down under the waterfall, but there was a deep hole at the bottom and almost everyone fell in it- luckily we had life jackets on.  We also went through the tunnel full of mud.  Riley covered his face in mud and called it ‘war paint’ and everyone laughed!
The group that went to do archery really enjoyed it- they loved the games they played and the caving. Rory also got stuck in one of the tight spaces call the cheese press. After gorge walking we were given rooms with four people, and we all had a shower and unpacked our things.  We then went and had free time on the big field. Then we had dinner which was burger and chips and fruit salad or cheesecake. We had more free time after tea and then went to roast marshmallows by the campfire and told jokes.  It was so much fun, we also sang songs that were led by Riley. We all went to our rooms and most of us stayed up for a while until lights out at 11.
by Chloe & Melisa
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DAY 2On the second day we woke up and had breakfast, it was very nice and it prepared us for the day ahead. After breakfast we went caving and gorge walking. They were both really fun activities; I enjoyed gorge walking because we got to slide down waterfalls and go swimming in small pools.
Then we had lunch and had some free time to spend with our friends to play some games. After that we went to archery which was really fun because we had a competition to see which team had the most points- our team came second!  After archery we had cooked dinner with turkey and for dessert we had a brownie. Then we had a game of football and we played family tag; it was so enjoyable because everyone was going crazy and running around the place.
Then it turned 10 o’clock and it was time to go into our rooms. The funny part is that some people were having conversations out of the windows. It soon turned 11 o’clock and it was time for bed, all the lights went out and everyone went to sleep.
by Sophia & Cori
DAY 3We were sad when we realised that it is our last day at Rock UK, and soon we would have to say goodbye to all the lovely staff, rooms, activities, scrumptious food, and the cute cuddly dog, Marla!  We woke up at 7:30 and, after cleaning our rooms, went down to the dinner hall to have a breakfast of waffles and toast with a choice of toppings- either chocolate spread, honey, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup, toffee syrup (and many more). Along with this we were also served a bowl of delicious fresh juicy fruit.
Lacie: My group’s first activity of the day was rock climbing. It was super fun, although I am quite scared of heights so unfortunately didn’t make it to the top. I then went to the gift shop and got a purple super bendy man!
Nia: After enjoying our breakfast, we went to the archery range. We were put into a group with Melissa, Tia and Katie- and they called our group ‘Uni Pigs’. I wasn’t very good at archery but it was still loads of fun.  Later we went to the gift shop and I got a hat with the Rock UK logo on!
We both met up again later and went on a walk together.  Mr Booth told us all about the ponds and rivers around us, and how they keep clean. When we were on a bridge we also saw a heron, and it was trying to catch fish.  We also experienced the beautiful sight of a bunch of wild flowers.
We then got on the bus and were really sad to leave and waved goodbye to the staff. We hope that one day we will go back to Rock UK because it was great fun and we enjoyed spending time with our friends and the rest of our year group.
by Lacie & Nia