EFL Football Tournament - 3rd October 2019

EFL Football Tournament

3rd October 2019

We were lucky enough to get invited to the EFL Kids Cup football tournament at Cwmbran Stadium.  Twelve of us from Year 6 were chosen to go, along with 18 teams from other schools all over Torfaen. We had two teams entered in the competition- team A and team B.
Firstly we did some warming up, which included passing and shooting drills. We waited to be given our fixtures, and then we watched some of the other teams to figure out strategies to help us to get a win. 
We then played against a few schools, but unfortunately we did not get past the quarter finals.  We did score in one of the matches though, with a fantastic strike from Theo. We then got the news that we were going to play a friendly game with a different school, so that was a nice surprise.  All of us then headed back to school.
It was a very enjoyable day, and we look forward to the next tournament!
by Charlie & Imogen