Climate Change Conference - 18th October 2019

Climate Change Conference

18th October 2019

Today, some pupils from Year 6 attended a Climate Change Conference at Swansea Civic Center to learn about the effects that climate change is having on our planet.  There were also children from other schools there, and we were all put into separate groups to work on different projects.
We were helped by students from a university, and worked on something called the Seagrass Project, which is all about improving the eco-systems in our seas. We filled up bags with sand and put them into a box which were then taken to a lab where seagrass seeds were placed in them. They will then be taken to the bay and scuba divers will scatter them all around the coast.
We also had a talk from an engineer, who showed us how to turn everyday plastics into wonderful masterpieces; he even said we could turn a plastic bottle into a crate, and then eventually into a home!
Another interesting workshop was the Clean Air Project.  This is where we learned just us how polluted our air actually is, and we were shown a machine which checks how polluted the air is in that area.  On the results board there were high and low points- the highest points were around the time when people are travelling to and from work. The machine was even placed right outside a school’s gate to test the levels there.
We then listened to a talk by Welsh Water who helped us to understand how we can all be more efficient with the amount of water that we use.  Transport For Wales also talked to us about how we could do less travelling to reduce our carbon footprint. We then played a game called ‘my perfect metro’ where we designed our own town that revolved around the way we wanted it to look.
It was a very interesting day and we are looking forward to learning more about these projects in the future.
by Luca