Nursery - St David's Day - 01 & 05/03/2021

Nursery - St David's Day

01 & 05/03/2021

Croeso!  There was plenty happening on this very special day in Nursery.  The children greeted each other in welsh, we asked questions – Sut wyt ti? Sut Mae’r tywydd?, and we sang some simple welsh songs.
The activities on offer today were daffodil painting, making flags, making Cawl in the playdoh, shape game to create a love spoon and castle building in the block area.  To add to this experience most children dressed up in Welsh costumes. Our two dragons were well behaved and didn’t breathe fire at all.
We watched a video about our patron saint, St David, learning about his life and all the people he helped and listened to a story about a red dragon who was afraid of a mouse. The children enjoyed this story so much it was read again before hometime.
After out Hwyl Fawr song the children waved to their friends and said Da boch chi to each other before they went home.