Eco Day - Migration - 15th November 2019

Eco Day - Migration

15th November 2019

Today the Eco Council visited Greenmeadow Farm for an Eco Day to learn about migration and climate change. We met some pupils from other schools who were going to be taking part in the workshops with us. First we had to look for facts around the room and work out which ones were true or false.
After a short snack break we went back to the activities where we received a phone call warning us that a tornado was coming. We  were told to collect all of our bags and make our way down to the campfire. A large tarpaulin was spread out on the floor and also some rope.  We partnered up with two different schools so that we could all work together as a team to build a den.
Once the den was complete, Imogen read us all a story about a little girl that had to evacuate her home and go to a safer place because it was during the war. She saw a lot of things that scared her; the story was very sad.
After this activity we were all hungry so we went for our lunch.  When we had finished we did a workshop about migration. We looked at a big map to see how far swallows travel; we also played some games that were based on the behaviour of swallows.  First we played ‘catch the popcorn in you mouth’ and it was very windy! Then the instructor made paper swallows and we had to try to get them safely across the ocean. Then we played a hoop game which showed us all how swallows have a difficult time migrating.  We learned a lot of very interesting facts, such as how they travel 6,000 miles twice a year in search of food.
After the games, we all made our way down to the farm to see some animals.  There were rabbits which were really cute and we also saw some chickens, cows, bulls and pigs. Then we went back to the workshop room and were given sheets to fill in to say what we had enjoyed and learned about the day.  Most of us enjoyed den building the best as it was really fun and we all helped each other by working as a team.  
by Poppy & Ava