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Eco Council

Eco Council – March Update

Just a quick update from the Eco council! We wanted to let you know that, even though it’s been difficult getting together through these tough times, we have still been meeting and making sure we have been keeping up the good work being Eco Warriors.

Eco Council

Eco Day – Migration

Today the Eco Council visited Greenmeadow Farm for an Eco Day to learn about migration and climate change. We met some pupils from other schools who were going to be taking part in the workshops with us. First we had to look for facts around the room and work out which ones were true or false.

Eco Council

Eco Council Weekly Scheme

Just a quick update from the Eco Council to let everyone know that Ellie Energy and Robbie Recycle have arrived in the building! Our Eco Council have worked closely with Georgina and Valentino at Melin Homes to create mascots for our school.