New Website Launch - 09/07/2019

New Website Launch


As a school we felt that all stakeholders – governors, staff, pupils and parents should take ownership of our website, so we decided to design our own. Behind the scenes all staff and children have been guided and directed by Mrs Howells and Mr West, providing content and photos to showcase our school.
Today, the chair of Governors, Gareth Davis, officially pressed the button to launch our new website on the internet! He was able to see the high input level provided by our KS2 pupils and especially our digital leaders. They have been responsible for collating and updating information such as news, attendance, class pages and blogs. They will continue to develop the site further, as new and exciting things happen in our school.
Parents now have a user-friendly site to navigate, with access to a wide range of information. This will help them support their child through school and increase their awareness of what happens in school. This is especially true for e-safety information. Parents now have a dedicated page to advise and support them with all age groups. Parents will also have an opportunity to suggest ideas and information they would like to see on the site.
We are all very proud of our new website and hope you enjoy it too!!