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Today Year 6 pupils visited the cenotaph in Blaenavon. As part of the visit there was an unveiling of a commemorative plaque to remember soldiers from Blaenavon who died during the Boer War.

Today some pupils from Year 6 attended a Climate Change Conference at Swansea Civic Center to learn about the effects that climate change is having on our planet. There were also children from other schools there, and we were all put into separate groups to work on different projects.

We were lucky enough to get invited to the EFL Kids Cup football tournament at Cwmbran Stadium. Twelve of us from Year 6 were chosen to go, along with 18 teams from other schools all over Torfaen.

Judo Demonstration

On Thursday the 3rd October Mrs Hall’s husband Mr Hall and their son Joe come in to our school to teach Year 6 all about judo, down in the sports hall. Our topic this term is the Rugby World Cup which is being hosted in Japan, and judo is one of the martial arts that comes from there.

Wales v Georgia

We were all really excited as Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to Blaenavon Rugby Club to watch Wales v Georgia in their opening game of the Rugby World Cup.

Summer Fete

This afternoon we held our annual summer fete in the MUGA! There were all sorts of stalls and fun activities to enjoy- such as an inflatable slide, the dodgeball challenge, higher or lower, hook the duck, tin can alley, darts, and a refreshments stall.

Year 6 Rock UK Trip

We were all excited getting on the bus shouting and screaming at each other telling each other jokes and playing games.We were all so loud on the bus. Mr Booth brought his minion Bob on the trip and he was dancing along to us singing songs we all laughed.

Just a quick update from the Eco Council to let everyone know that Ellie Energy and Robbie Recycle have arrived in the building! Our Eco Council have worked closely with Georgina and Valentino at Melin Homes to create mascots for our school.

New Website Launch

As a school we felt that all stakeholders - governors, staff, pupils and parents should take ownership of our website, so we decided to design our own. Behind the scenes all staff and children have been guided and directed by Mrs Howells and Mr West, providing content and photos to showcase our school.

We were so lucky to have such hot weather for our key stage 2 sports day. The children participated in several activities such as tug of war, the agility challenge and also javelin all run by the year 6 pupils ...

Nursery Sports Day

We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather for our Nursery sports day. All the children, from both the morning session and afternoon were dressed according to their colour team...

The bus the bus driver put our suitcases on the bus, then we sat next to each other for over 2 hours and we just talked all the way there! When we saw Langranog on the sign everyone started to scream “we’re here!”.