Update - 02/09/2020


Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope you have all managed to have a safe and restful summer and your child is excited about coming back to school! I appreciate that these are very strange and perhaps worrying times, but I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we have done everything possible to ensure the school is as safe as it can possibly be for your child’s return, and staff are looking forward to welcoming everyone back over the next couple of weeks.

May I also take this opportunity to apologise for the last minute changes to a few of our classes, as I know some of you have been preparing your child to meet a teacher that they now may not have.

We secured some very late funding, which allowed us to acquire another teacher, meaning that we were able to organise straight year group classes as opposed to mixed age groups. The timing of this was not ideal, but going forward it will mean smaller class sizes and extra staff to provide ‘catch up’ support for pupils following lock down.

Please click on the following links for timetables and new class information:




We don’t know how things will develop over the coming months, so any plans we make maybe subject to change at short notice. For now, the following procedures have been put in place:
Staggered start/finish times are in place for pupils as above and there are 4 separate entrances in use to reduce the number of adults at any one point.
All children will sanitise their hands on entry to school and regular handwashing will be carried out throughout the school day.
Children will be kept within their own class groups wherever possible and will not mix with other class ‘Bubbles.’
There will be no whole school worship, instead worship will be held in classes or via a virtual link.
Lunchtimes will be staggered so that classes can remain separate and classes will have separate playtimes in designated areas of the school
All children will wash their hands when they leave the toilet and sanitise their hands when they return to class.
All toilets will use hand towels and hand driers will be turned off.
Toilets, door handles and light switches will be cleaned regularly during the school day.
Adults will, where possible, only teach and interact with one class group and adults in school.
Adults will adhere to strict social distancing from each other and from pupils outside of their classrooms as much as is practically possible.
Please provide your child with his/her own water bottle.
Children should not bring any items from home into school. That includes pencil cases, bags (other than for lunch boxes,toys, mobile phones or any other equipment. Children will be provided with their own packs of stationery for their sole use in school.
Parents will not be allowed to congregate on the school site and we ask that only one adult drop and collect their child each day and that they leave site as soon as is possible.
Pupils starting school on the Thursday 3rd September and Friday 4th September should bring a packed lunch. (Catering will provide packed lunches for FSM pupils)
School lunches will be available from Monday 7th September.
There will be no breakfast club or after school clubs until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will my child need to bring PE kit to school?

No. Your child’s class teacher will inform you of PE days and your child can wear suitable clothing on that day, ie joggers, t-shirt and daps/trainers.


What if my child is anxious?

New starters will no doubt be anxious starting at a new school.

Under normal circumstances, we would allow parents to bring children into the classroom to help settle however as we are sure you appreciate, this is not possible under the current restrictions. If a young child is upset and unwilling to come into school, parents / carers should remain with him / her until the majority of pupils have entered the class. Once the entrance is less busy, staff can work with parents and carers to encourage the child into class.

Although great care will be taken to reduce a child’s anxiety, we must be careful as much as possible to not teach young children that refusal to enter school results in being able to go home as this can become a habit. It would be helpful for parents / carers to take a step back and to allow staff to bring their child into school. In most cases, once a child has entered the class, he or she becomes distracted with the wonderful activities on offer and calms quickly.

Where a child does not calm, we will of course contact parents to come and collect. Getting through the door however is a key achievement and the more this can be achieved, the quicker your child will begin to lessen anxiety.

We expect many of our older pupils to also be anxious on their return to school and we will ensure that our curriculum matches the need to learn key skills with the need to feel safe and secure in school. If your child is particularly concerned or anxious, please contact school.

How will school ensure that my child remains safe?

The latest research findings conclude that pupils under the age of 12 pose a low risk of catching or carrying the Covid-19 virus and therefore recommend that social distancing measures can be relaxed more than with older children and adults. School will need to ensure, as much as possible that contact between adults is reduced, whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children.

Does my child need to wear School Uniform?

Children will be expected to wear school uniform. The latest guidance states that children are at a low risk of catching or passing on Covid-19 and therefore, whilst we would always expect clothes to be washed as often as possible, you would not be expected to wash uniform every night.

Will my child need to wear Face-Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

The current guidance for schools is that pupils will not need to wear PPE whilst in school. Staff will only wear PPE should they need to administer first aid or provide additional support.

What happens if Someone Develops Covid-19 Symptoms?

Under no circumstances should a child or member of staff attend school if he / she displays any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss of or change to normal sense of smell or taste) or if a member of the household develops symptoms. This also includes children who have returned from a country that requires a quarantine period.

That person should self-isolate at home for 14 days and parents / carers / staff members should contact the NHS to arrange for a Covid test. Where a test is positive, school will need to be informed in order to action track and trace.

If a child develops symptoms in school, he or she will be kept in a safe supervised area in school andparents / carers contacted to collect.

Parents / carers can apply for a test by calling the free number 119 between the hours of 7am to 11pm. People with hearing or speech difficulties can call 18001 119.

Will the Online Learning continue?

The online learning offer will only apply for pupils who are self-isolating at home. All other pupils will receive learning as normal. Should a second spike happen and schools be told to close, we will resume our online learning offer for all pupils.

Can I refuse to send my child to school?

The minister was clear that all children must return to school by the 14th September 2020. If your child has a specific medical condition, please see your child’s doctor in the first instance and then contact your child’s teacher to see what arrangements can be made.

Will school be administering any medical tests to children?


School will not be checking pupil temperatures (in line with Welsh Government Guidance) however staff will remain vigilant for any signs of a raised temperature or other symptoms.

How can I help?

Please make sure you stick as close as possible to your child’s start and finish time. If pupils are travelling to school alone, please ensure they do not leave the house too early.

Please do not wait around or congregate after drop off or before pick up. It is important that adults keep to a safe social distance. We have a lot of pupils and a lot of parents to keep safe.

If you need to contact the school office, please do this by telephone where possible.

And finally, thank you for your understanding during these difficult times. None of us are sure what the coming months will bring, but rest assured the safety of your children is our first priority and rest assured, any decisions we make will be to ensure their safety, wellbeing and progress.


See you all again soon!

Mrs J. Howells

Head Teacher