A Virtual Christmas

A Virtual Christmas
Things are going to be a little different for us as a school this Christmas season as, due to current Covid19 restrictions, we will be unable to hold our usual year group Christmas performances.
To keep the spirit of Christmas alive this year, we will be producing a whole school virtual event!  Our aim is to include all pupils, and as such we require parent/carer consent for your child(ren) to take part.  Please complete the form below, as any child without consent will not be able to take part in this project. 
Please complete the form for your child(ren) before 25th November.
More information about this exciting project can be found by clicking the ‘Further Information’ tab below.

Dear Parent/Carer,
This year has been quite remarkable for all the wrong reasons and we thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.  The one thing that remains paramount is the safety and wellbeing of the children in our school.
As a school community, we were determined not to lose sight of the thrill and excitement of Christmas and have therefore joined a project initiative that is a true example of diversification, collaboration and creativity. We are embracing the times and technology we currently find ourselves immersed in to bring some festive fun in these unprecedented times.
This week, we started working towards a ‘virtual’ Christmas performance. We’ve partnered with Upbeat Music and Arts and their creative partners to create a unique event that will culminate in a film premiere to be streamed online on Wednesday 14th December via a password protected link (to be provided at a later date).
Consent is being sought from you as parents and guardians for your child to take part in this year’s virtual Christmas production.  It is our intention to give every child an opportunity to be featured in the film.  However those whose consent we have not received will NOT be able to take part in the recording. 
Our school is committed to working within the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR Regulations (EU) 2016/679 and take our obligations to safeguard our children and promote good practice extremely seriously.   Therefore we would remind you that this link is for your personal use only and I would ask that you do not share the link with others and kindly request that you refrain from posting images of the virtual event, which will contain other children, onto any social media sites. We feel it appropriate to advise you that the guidance from the Information Commissioners Office would be by publishing on social media and if used for any other purpose that you could be treated as a Data Controller in your own right and would be subject to the legislation and be accountable to ICO scrutiny.
Once consent is received from you we will issue a password protected link to parents and guardians associated with our school via the contact details you have submitted.
We can assure you all footage will be stored securely and will not be shared on social media by any of the organisations involved in the project.
We are asking you to give permission for your child’s involvement in this exciting event.  Please complete the online permission form by Wednesday 25th November.
Many thanks.