Wales v Georgia - 23rd September 2019

Wales v Georgia
23rd September 2019

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We were all really excited as Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to Blaenavon Rugby Club to watch Wales v Georgia in their opening game of the Rugby World Cup.
When we arrived, we all sat down quietly and waited for the game to start.  Soon after it started we scored a try and everyone was screaming and shouting ‘Wales! Wales!’ The picture went off a few times and started to buffer, and everyone in front and behind us shouted for it to be turned back on, as we didn’t want to miss any of the match!  Some more tries were scored and soon it was half time- and Wales were winning 29-0!
At half time we had our lunch, which was sausage and chips which was delicious. Some of our class brought lunch from home.  After lunch we watched the second half and we kept cheering for Wales. The final score was 43-14. We were all so happy!
After that we all went up to the rugby pitch for a training session with some of the coaches from Blaenavon RFC. The first game we played was ladders, dodge and hop. The rules were to run with a rugby ball and hop over the ladder, then run around the poles, the sprint back to the start and score a try.  Another game was kicking the ball over the posts, and grabbing the tag off the other team. After that we returned to school. It was a really fun day and we all really enjoyed it. Come on Wales!
by Summer & Brooke