Update - 11/06/2020

Important Information - 11/06/2020

Thank you for responding to my letter yesterday and for those of you indicating that you were key workers. 
We will be providing Hub classes for key worker children needing childcare. This provision will be available during school hours only, unlike the current provision running at the school from 8am-6pm.
Children within Hub classes will be of a mixed age group, nursery-Year 6 and will remain within the same class until the end of term, July 27th.
If you are a key worker and would like a place for you child in the Hub class, it’s important to remember that they will need to remain in this provision and will not be able to join their year group classes, or mix with them in school at this time.
If you are a key worker and would like a place in the hub class, please follow the link, state your child’s name ​and tick the appropriate box.
I appreciate you have filled in previous forms concerning your child’s return to school. However, in order to plan accurately for the numbers returning, could you also now indicate if you DO NOT intend sending your child to school.

Welsh Government have been clear that there will be no penalty for parents if their child does not attend school this term. I am sure the decision about whether you want your child to return to school at this time, is one you want to think carefully about. We will respect every family’s decision.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J. Howells

Head Teacher

If you are a key worker and want your child to attend each day, you will be asked to provide evidence of your status to school. 

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to complete this form has now passed (17.06.2020)