Summer Fete - 15th July 2019

Summer Fete
15th July 2019

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This afternoon we held our annual summer fete in the MUGA! There were all sorts of stalls and fun activities to enjoy- such as an inflatable slide, the dodgeball challenge, higher or lower, hook the duck, tin can alley, darts, and a refreshments stall. 
There was also a craft stall, where Year 5 were selling cards and prints that they had made this term as part of the Torfaen Heritage Project, where they learned lots of different methods of producing art, such as water colour, screen printing and embossing.
There was a really fun stall where we got to ‘Soak the Teacher’! Mr Booth was dressed up in a ballerina costume and a ‘Queens crown’ shower cap and he looked hilarious!! It was £1 for three sponges to play, and he got absolutely soaked!
There was also a stall where you had to name the bear- and if you guessed it correctly then you could win the bear. At the ‘walk of pain’ stall you had to walk across a section of lego barefoot to  win a prize at the end! There was also a face paint stand which was really popular, with Ceris Probert doing her fantastic art on peoples faces. 
It was a nice sunny afternoon with loads of fun activities to take part in, and we look forward to doing it all again next year! 
by Ashlee, Darcey & Imogen