Professional Learning

Professional Learning Pioneer

BHVC Primary School has been working with regional school improvement services and Welsh Government as part of its Pioneer Schools Programme since 2015.
As a Professional Learning Pioneer Schools we focus on improving professional development for all education-based staff including school leaders. We work as part of a network of schools across Wales collaboratively designing, developing and facilitating opportunities for the educational workforce to undertake professional learning together.
We work to improve Professional Learning and Development within our own school to share and collaborate with other schools to drive improvements in educational practice as part of a self-improving system.
We are “Pioneers” because we research and innovate practices on behalf of the system to make change at a Global, National, Local and Individual level. These practices are then shared.
As Pioneers we have researched the developments in educational practice from high performing education systems and academics from across the globe to make sure that the Education reform programme in Wales is aligned to that thinking.
We are very proud to be a Pioneer School at BHVC Primary school and are confident that the focus we have on professional development at this level has a very positive impact of the pupils in our care.