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Here you will find a list of resources to help you through the coming weeks.  Please check back periodically, as new content will be added to the top of the list. 

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Over the next few weeks teachers will be delivering tasks using Google Classroom via HWB, which will allow work to be submitted electronically.  To find out how to access Google Classroom, please view the video tutorial on this page.  The ‘join codes’ for each class can be found in the class drop down sections below.

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Before beginning any of the tasks, please view this link: Helpful Information

Here are some additional instructions to help you get connected Classroom: Click Here

Foundation Phase

Class Teacher: Mrs Crew

Join Code: xbwtonp

Class Teacher: Mrs Jones

Join Code: gmq2zwn

Class Teacher: Mr Cornes

Join Code: evajajv

Class Teacher: Ms Davies

Join Code: sgw2u4g

Class Teacher: Ms Antony

Join Code: bwhiov7

Class Teacher: Ms Wilson

Join Code: hxfu523

Class Teacher: Ms Sutton

Join Code: pkris4o

Class Teacher: Ms Price

Join Code: np3fvr3

Key Stage 2

Class Teacher: Mrs Burgess / Mrs Smith


Join Code: ojppd23

Class Teacher: Mrs Hughes

Join Code: hkskk6r

Class Teacher: Mr Phillips

Join Code: ykr7a2b

Class Teacher: Mr Booth

Join Code: of7fvfb

Class Teacher: Mr Williams

Join Code: z7xg3ue

Class Teacher: Ms Calder-Matthews

Join Code: xlecqyd

Class Teacher: Ms Williams

Join Code: vt6yomf

Class Teacher: Mrs Hall

Join Code: nqvyfwp


Class Teacher: Mr West

Join Code: vu34nlp

Class Teacher: Mrs White

Join Code: gnld2tn

Class Teacher: Mrs Westwood

Join Code: wta4tg2

Class Teacher: Mrs Cox

Join Code: x33n2q3