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Welcome to Heritelly, our TV recording studio! The studio is an inclusive cross-curricular resource, where the children have the opportunity to work collaboratively to produce their own projects, whilst developing a wide range of digital and practical skills- such as scriptwriting, filming, performance, editing, graphic design and audio production.
Our studio is well equipped and includes a professional editing suite, podcast area, and a dedicated green screen facility. The production process is fun and interactive, giving learners the creative freedom to explore ideas, while further developing core skills and enhancing self-esteem, as we help to prepare them for an increasingly digital world.
We have strong links within our community, and regularly use the studio to engage in local initiatives- such as Torfaen Heritage Partnership project and Support your Local High Street. We are currently developing an idea to help promote businesses in the local area.

Click on the images below to view some of our latest projects

Citizenship in the DCF
World Heritage Day Advert
Entrepreneurship Project
Blue Peter Book Awards 2019
Outdoor Learning
The Lords Prayer

The studio space also incorporates a dedicated ICT suite, consisting of 12 iMacs. Children have the opportunity to work independently or in collaboration to further enhance their digital skills. ICT skills are a major factor in enabling children to become confident, creative and independent learners, and by using this equipment they are able to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information effectively.

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The suite is connected to our secure school network, and children have their own personal HWB accounts- giving them ownership and access to their own data and work via a range of office-based applications.

Children’s safety online is paramount, and the school has a responsible Internet Usage and Filtering policy, where teaching staff are able to closely monitor internet access within the school, and children are taught safe internet practice.

The role of our Digital Leaders is to help embed and support the use of technology across the whole school. They use their skills, knowledge and expertise to assist children and teaching staff, facilitate assemblies and other whole-school events, as well as contributing to improvements in e-safety provision.
As this can be a challenging and technical role, our Digital Leaders are selected from Upper Key Stage 2, in years 5 and 6.
They are responsible for the general maintenance of the IT equipment throughout the school, and also for trialing new apps and feeding back on whether they are considered to potentially have a positive impact on learning.  Our digital leaders attend digital events, where they are able to share their knowledge, and ideas with learners from other schools.
Our Digital Leaders have also been instrumental in the design and creation of our new school website, and will be responsible for collating and keeping the information up to date- such as latest news, attendance, class pages and blogs. They will continue to develop the site further, as new and exciting things happen in our school.