Year 6

The Keepers Room


Mrs M. Hall


Mrs K. Beacham


Miss L. Tanner


Miss C. Leeks


Miss A. Jones


This term our topic is The Movies.  We will be learning about the first movies to be made, silent movies, animations and how special effects are used in movies.  We will research how movies are made and write explanation texts to explain how to make a movie trailer.  We will also be making our own adverts for the toy teddy bears that we made.
The Summer term will be a busy time for Year 6 with lots of transition events to Abersychan Comprehensive, to prepare the children for the next step in their education.  The next few weeks will see us going to the comprehensive for lessons and other activities to familiarise ourselves with the school and meet our new teachers.
During the next few weeks we will be preparing for our Cluster Project, performing some play scripts that we have written at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran.  Hopefully this will prepare us for our Leavers Assembly, our last ever performance at BHVC.
Our topic last term was World War 2 and Explorers. We learnt about Shackletons adventure and how they lived for 6 months without food and water in harsh environments. We also learnt about World War 2 and how life was in the trenches. Our class also wrote a diary entry of how we felt in the war, which we enjoyed writing.
We all love doing ICT lessons, as it boosts our confidence in using laptops and being online with friends.  Our class goes on lot’s of trips to help us learn about certain subjects such as Crucial Crew (which was in the army barracks in Cwmbran), Wings to Fly (which was a theatre play about the effects of drugs and how dangerous they are) and we also have been to Abersychan for a P.E lesson which helped us get used to our new school.
Our class is currently writing a quest which we get to create our own characters and storyline. We’ve been learning about the effects of smoking and how people can stop smoking and get help when they find it hard to quit. We also enjoy doing art, as it gives a chance to be creative with what we draw. Science is also fun because we get to learn about the different physics and elements of earth.
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Our school was recently selected for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2019. It was really fun, and all of us enjoyed taking part.  Only a few people judged the books, but people were very supportive and they would encourage us to read more books. A BBC crew came into our school and filmed us for the TV show. During this time we also met the authors of ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’, ‘Professor Astro Cat’s Human Body Odyssey’ and ‘The Clockwork Crow’. We think doing the Blue Peter awards has sparked our interest in reading and made us want to explore more books by different authors.
We are enjoying year 6 and are excited to go to comprehensive school and learn more subjects and learn different ways to have fun in certain subjects. 
By Chloe and Tyla