Year 1

Purple Class / Dosbarth Porffor


Mrs J. Antony


Miss C. Challenger


The Seaside. During the second half of the summer we will be reading the story  ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Swiss Author Marcus Pfister. We will focus on using a story map to support retelling and narrative writing of the story, we will also use this book to support our value of responsibility as it links with being  responsible for our own actions as individuals and is best known for its morals about the value of being an individual! We will also be looking at a variety of non-fiction  reports related to the seaside including sea creatures, rock pools and the beach.
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As we move into our final half term of this academic year  the children will investigating the habitats of different types of sea creatures learning about how, why and where they live.
We will also be learning about beach pollution, littering and linking the data to our numeracy skills Where pupils will be using and embedding skills including doubling, halving number bonds and repeated addition. We will also be reinforcing money skills with real life situations such as buying ice cream at the seaside and using these skills through role play in our ice-cream shop.
This summer term is sure to be an active one with National School Sports Week, so pupils will be preparing with athletics, dancing and orienteering. What a busy, fun summer term we have to look forward to.

Favourite Food

Steak & salad

Favourite TV Programme

BBC Dramas

Favourite Film

Cool Runnings

Favourite Holiday

Anywhere with a beach!

Favourite Children's Book

The Snow Spider


Running, Walking & training with Dowlais Ladies Hockey Club


If at first you don't succeed- try, try & try again

Mrs J. Antony

Year 1 Teacher / Purple Class