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This term our Topic is Once Upon a time.  We will be using these Traditional tales:
The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Gingerbread Man, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood.
Each week we read the story and then act it out together. We use a range of items to help us including masks, props and puppets. The children will be learning how to sequence a story (beginning, middle and end), they will use the new vocabulary from the stories and join in with the repeated phases, e.g., I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down! , and they will also be learning how to retell using the pictures in a storybook.
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There are plenty of counting, size, measurements, sorting and opportunities to write numbers through these stories. The displays will reflect all the children’s work as well as developing their creative skills. The activities will be carried out both inside and outdoors but most of all they will be FUN!!
At the end of June the children will showcase their knowledge and skills when they host an open morning, providing a show for parents and refreshments afterwards. This will also be a chance to hold a graduation ceremony for all the children who will be moving on to Reception in September.
Nursery children are also practising their physical skills especially balancing, ready for their very first sports day. There is also an amazing sports day trip to PALC, where the children will learn swimming skills, tag rugby skills, soft play pirate adventures and a have yummy picnic.
Get ready Summer Term, here we come !!!

The following information about Nursery may be helpful. Upcoming or daily events are communicated via text, dojo and newsletters. Our Twitter page @bhvcprimary shows how much fun we have in Nursery each week!


We are continuing to foster a love of reading through a range of stories and information books this term. We will be talking about what happens in the beginning, middle and ending of the stories along with retelling those using puppets and props.
Don’t forget to use our Nursery library to share some great stories with your child and help them love books.
The children will continue to recognise and write their own names using the school’s letter formation. Please encourage your child to write their name and hold their pens/pencils correctly in whichever hand they feel comfortable
Please continue to have a variety of different mark making tools for your child to use at home (paint, chalk, crayons, thick pens, thin pens etc) to support their learning.


The children are joining in with all the number rhymes and songs, which is helping them to count forwards and backwards. It is also introducing them to simple addition and subtraction. During the term we will be using maths vocabulary of measuring (short, tall, long,), as well as recognising numbers to match with the same amounts.
Our daily days of the week song is helping children gain an understanding of time and sequencing events during the day and week.
Please support your child’s development of counting, recognising numbers and shapes while you are out and about, as well as in the home

Other Information

SNACK-TIME: Snack costs £1.50 each week. Can parents please try to bring the money in each Monday. If children bring in their own snack, please make sure there is only ONE healthy snack in their labelled bag.
Don’t forget to label any drink bottles your child brings into Nursery and that the drink is water or sugar free squash. Milk is available daily for all children.
CLOTHES: Please can parents remember to provide a complete change of clothes for their child. This needs to be in a carrier or drawn string bag on their peg.
Just a reminder to check that your child’s clothes are clearly labelled, with their names, to ensure there is no confusion over items, especially jumpers and cardigans. All the Nursery staff feel that the poem below explains our role and how we view our job.