Year 6

Garn Yr Erw


Miss R. Williams


Mrs K. Beacham


Miss L.Tanner


Miss C. Leeks


Miss A. Jones


This term our topic is The Movies.  We will be learning about the first movies to be made, silent movies, animations and how special effects are used in movies.  We will research how movies are made and write explanation texts to explain how to make a movie trailer.  We will also be making our own adverts for the toy teddy bears that we made.
The Summer term will be a busy time for Year 6 with lots of transition events to Abersychan Comprehensive, to prepare the children for the next step in their education.  The next few weeks will see us going to the comprehensive for lessons and other activities to familiarise ourselves with the school and meet our new teachers.
During the next few weeks we will be preparing for our Cluster Project, performing some play scripts that we have written at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran.  Hopefully this will prepare us for our Leavers Assembly, our last ever performance at BHVC.
We were invited to go behind the scenes of a new film being shot in and around Blaenavon, called Dream Horse.  We spent time talking to the production crew, learning about the different jobs that they all do.  To make a good movie, we found out that you have to film the same scene over and over again- and it can take a lot of time to get the perfect scene.  There are lots of different cameras recording from different places, of all shapes and sizes- one of them was on a huge crane filming moving shots from high up in the air.
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There are many different jobs to do on a film production, and there are lots of responsibilities for the different crew members.  One person’s job was to sort out the sound, another to focus the camera, and other crew members had to make sure that everyone was doing things correctly as they should be done.
This was a very cool and exciting experience, and it was interesting to see what happens behind the cameras.  We are looking forward to seeing the film when it gets released.
By Sophia and Mason