Year 3

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Mrs K. Hughes


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Mrs L. Holland


This term our topic is “The Coast” and we will be using The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber as our whole class text. It is based on the legend of Cornish fisherman Tom Bawcock and the stargazy pie, it tells the tale of a cat who goes with its owner on a fishing expedition in rough and stormy seas. Children will spend time looking at the wonderful descriptions in this book and interpreting them using art and music.
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Children will carry out ice cream Science investigations, which will involve using, and recording temperatures. We will also be designing and creating our own aquariums and writing fact files about interesting sea creatures. Additionally we are looking forward to celebrating annual World Ocean Day (8th June). A day when we celebrate our world’s Oceans and promote conservation awareness. Year 3 will be looking at the way plastic and other items can cause harm to our environment. We will be learning about sustainability and how to help preserve sea life and minimise pollution.
Children will look at how coastal towns and beaches have changed over time and learn about British seaside traditions. We will also look at worldwide coastal areas and use tools such as Google Earth to do so. We would love to have a display in our Year 3 Plaza to share our own experiences at The Coast and would greatly appreciate any photos, postcards or souvenirs that you may have at home!

Favourite Food

Lamb cooked dinner

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Favourite Film

Harry Potter

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Favourite Children's Book

The Gruffalo




To reach for the stars and shine bright!

Miss Davage

Year 3 LSA