Year 4

Blorenge Plaza 1


Mr P. Phillips


Mrs N.Price


Mrs S.Thomas


In Year 4 this term we have chosen our own topic! We used Padlet to do this; have a look at our Padlet by scanning this QR code or going to this website 😊 We will be adding new information as we learn about Fantastic Beasts through the summer term! 
We have already researched a lot of information about Dragons, what they are like, if they are real and where they could have lived.  We are currently reading How To Train Your Dragon which we think is fantastic!  At the start of the term we put together and performed our class assembly for our family and friends which we really enjoyed – you can learn the songs we performed by visiting our Year Group Padlet!
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This term is certainly a busy one! We have had ‘Faith Week’ where we learnt about Judaism and also ‘Nurture Week’ where we looked at the growth mindset.  We will be visiting the Library in June to get our library cards and take out a book. Then we have Sports Week (the last week of June) which is always a fun week for everyone. Keep your fingers crossed for the sun to have it’s hat on! On Friday 28th June we will go on the PALC trip and we are really looking forward to going swimming!
We hope you enjoy learning about Fantastic Beasts with us and enjoying the nice weather with lots of sporting activities!

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